Authentic Peruvian Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour

There are very few cocktails in the world that achieve such a balanced and perfect flavor as Pisco Sour. Its surprising mix of flavors, its colorful appearance and its convincing aroma make this delicious drink an important part of Peruvian culture. It is recognized as the national drink of Peru, so a trip to the Andean country would be incomplete without first trying this unique drink. And with so much prestige surrounding this drink, it is not surprising that it is recognized internationally. For this reason, Full House Peruvian Cuisine has prepared an article with all the most important aspects of this cocktail. Join us to learn about Pisco Sour and how to prepare it! 

Pisco Sour: part of the Peruvian culture 

  • What is Pisco Sour?
  • The main ingredient of Pisco Sour
  • The origin of the cocktail
  • How to prepare a perfect Peruvian Pisco
  • Cocktails made with Pisco


Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour is one of the main cocktails that can be seen on the menus of every Peruvian restaurant. A large part of Peruvian gastronomy is best savored with this cocktail.The renowned cocktail uses Pisco liquor as its base, to later add lime juice, syrup, ice, egg white and Angostura bitters. This mixture of ingredients results in the delicious Pisco Sour. It is the Peruvian national drink par excellence and is also listed as Cultural Heritage of Peru since 2007. With an increasing recognition in the world, it is common to be curious about this charming cocktail. Today, in addition to being the drink of choice for Peruvians, it is an important part of the culture in Peru. It even has its own holiday that is celebrated every year. The first Saturday in February of every year is known as the National Pisco Sour Day. One more reason to try this delicious drink.


Pisco Sour

As its name implies, this delicious cocktail is made up of Peruvian Pisco. Pisco is a grape distillate produced in different valleys of the Peruvian coast. But we must not forget that it is the Peruvian Pisco that lays the foundations of this incredible cocktail. The origin dates back to the arrival of the Spanish who brought the first grapes to the American continent. Unlike other liqueurs, Peruvian Pisco is never adulterated with water, sugars, or any type of additives to change the original flavor. Its preparation methods are professionally controlled and can only be produced in the regions of Ica, Arequipa, and Lima.


As for the creation of the cocktail, its history differs somewhat from the Pisco liquor. Although Pisco liquor was available for years, Pisco Sour is believed to have been relatively recent. Numerous stories, myths and traditions surround the famous cocktail. Some sources claim that the Pisco Sour was created during the 1920s by Victor Vaughen Morris, the former owner of the Morris Bar in Lima. The Peruvian drink then went through some refinements in the hand of bartender Mario Bruiget, who worked at the bar. Despite this, recipes similar to the cocktail have been found long before 1920. But many see the Pisco Sour recipe as a popular variation of the Whiskey Sour, which has been served since the mid-19th century in Latin America. Although history can become confusing, it cannot be denied that today it represents an important part of Peruvian history.


Pisco Sour

The key to preparing the perfect Pisco Sour lies in its ingredients. First of all it is of great importance not to use cheap liquor. A high quality liquor is preferable, that is, a Peruvian Pisco. You can opt for a Pisco Acholado, an Aromatic Pisco or even a Green Mosto Pisco which are usually more exclusive. It is important to choose lime for the juice that will accompany the drink. If you don’t have Peruvian limes, lemon can be an alternative. But keep in mind that it will not be the same. It is always best to squeeze them before preparing the cocktail. Many Peruvian cocktails require Goma Syrup, and the traditional Pisco Sour is no exception. If you don’t have this, sugar syrup may be another alternative. As for the egg white, it also has to be fresh, preferably just before preparing the cocktail. The proportions of the ingredients will vary greatly depending on the taste of the customer. When prepared the right way, Pisco Sour has a delicate balance between the strong taste of Pisco, the intense lime juice and the sweetness of the Syrup. First it is necessary to pour the fresh egg white into the blender along with ice. Then put the Pisco and accompany it with syrup or Goma Syrup. Everything is mixed with lime juice and then blended. You can use a cocktail shaker as an alternative to the blender. And voila! You will have a perfect Peruvian pisco sour.


Pisco Sour

Although it is true that Pisco Sour is the most popular cocktail made with Pisco, there are other Peruvian drinks that are no less important. Among other examples is Chilcano, another refreshing drink easy to find in any Peruvian restaurant or bar. These also use Pisco as the base liquor, although they are not as strong as Pisco Sour. If you are thinking of trying the Pisco Sour, dare to try the delicious Chilcano as well.


If you like to try the Perfect Pisco Sour, you can count on Full House Peruvian Cuisine for an unparalleled experience. You can also choose to prepare it at home, but for a true gastronomic experience, it is best to try it in Peru.

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