Healthy Peruvian Dishes You Need to Try

healthy peruvian food

When it comes to healthy Peruvian dishes, Peru has a lot to offer. However this is not an idelice account. Healthy eating is a very serious topic. And we are not going to proclaim Peruvian food is the healthiest.

However there are healthy Peruvian dishes. And most of them are flavorful. There are other factors that make Peruvian food good in so many ways. As some factors and realities about the Peruvian diet that you should know.

Peruvian cuisine is famous for its superfoods. And the prevalence of natural ingredients. But there is more than meets the eye with the concept of superfoods.

In this post, we’ll deeply analice how healthy Peruvian food is. And we’ll also recommend some dishes that are certified “good for you”. You are also invited to sample them, in our menu.

Healthy Peruvian Dishes

Is Peruvian Food Healthy Overall?

Answering this question is really hard. Peruvian food is really vast. There are many different types of foods from different places. So many influences and such. Also urban life and modernity have a place in this discussion.

Some Healthy Aspects Of Peruvian Food

Like we mention there are a lot of offerings for healthy Peruvian dishes. And the main contribution to that is the abundance of fruits and vegetables in Peru. Peru has a past as an agricultural nation. And fresh products are a staple.

Another factor is the inclusion of whole grains. In Peruvian food you’ll find whole grains and potatoes as the main sources of carbs. You’ll also see other root vegetables like batata and Uncucha (root from the jungle). These are better sources for carbs than others.

Peruvian food also is varied in protein sources. All dishes have decent protein sources. Peruvians love meat of all animals. Among the red and chicken meat you’ll also find lamb. Pork, fish and other seafood are pretty popular too. And of course the Guinea Pig and Alpaca meat. 

Another benefit is that in general Peruvian food is low in sodium. But this can depend on where you eat and what you eat.

In Peru there are a bunch of really good products. The superfoods, but the claim of a product to be a super food is dubious, at least a little. While things like quinoa are a good whole grain cereal with a lot of calcium. It is not a miracle product. 

Some Unhealthy Aspects Of Peruvian Food

Now we have to check the other side. This does not make the healthy peruvian dishes vanish. But it puts the right perspective about health.

For starters, the portion. Traditional Peruvian food is abundant. And here we dont have the leftover culture. You can still take with you your leftovers if you ask the restaurant for a plastic back. 

And if Peruvian food serving is not abundant, you are probably eating high end.

Further from this. Peruvian food is really well seasoned. Even on gentle no-spicy foods. They at least have pepper, garlic or something like that. We know that could be a concern for many visitors.

Many meals that could be healthy peruvian dishes are carb loaded. But why? Many foods from the Andes used to be prepared for hardworking men. The farmers that worked all day on the fields. They needed those extra carbs for fiscal labor. Right now, many urban people just don’t need those carbs, but that is embedded in the culture.

And speaking of the urban Peruvian people. We’ll fast food is popular in the country, as in many places. But the conception of fast food in Peru came with the street food culture. And also the expectations for large portions of carbs. This is leaving its mark on Peruvian food offerings.

And finally. Peruvian people have quite a sweet tooth. And this is also reflected in sweets offerings along the country.

Healthy Peruvian Dishes

Let’s talk About the Best Healthy Peruvian Dishes

Like we mention, There is a lot of offerings for healthy Peruvian dishes. Here we’ll mention the most remarkable. 


Yes! Ceviche is quite healthy. At least in most of the cases. This national favorite contains a good serving size of fresh fish. This is lean protein. The main condiment is lime juice full of vitamins. 

Further from this many of the other condiments are peppers, celery, ginger and red onion. The typical companion is toasted corn (whole grain), lettuce and batata. Some auditions like arroz chaufa can make it a little more consistent. But it doesn’t change the fact that it is a really tasty healthy Peruvian dish.

Solterito de Queso

Solterito is kind of not that well known outside of Peru. But it is an amazing dish. It varies from region to region. In Cusco is a mix of carrots, fresh corn, faba beans, cheese, onion and andean lake kelp.

It is seasoned with a little vinegar, salt and pepper. It is simple but delicious. Most of the ingredients are vegetables and it is a really fresh dish. In Arequipa they add little potato cubes and olives to the mix. So in every place you will find a different flavor.


This is one of the healthy Peruvian dishes that is a hard sell for many visitors. The concept of a a sarsa is a base of onion salad mixed with condiments and a boiled animal piece. However many of the pieces for the sarsa are unusual parts of the animal.

For The most adventurous or open minded. This will be a treat. The meats use un Zarsas, and are parts full of collagen. Like pork feet, lamb heads.

Sopa de Quinua

This is a humble but hearty meal. It is also one great comfort healthy Peruvian dish. Full of nutrients, with a variety of options for the protein (Mostly fish or res). And it comes with a lot of veggies.

These are some of our recommendations. But there are more healthy Peruvian dishes, like choritos a la chalaca, stuffed avocado, sudado de pescado. But we may save those for another entry. Enjoy your meal.

Healthy Peruvian Dishes
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